Climate Action


Amount of CO2.

In 2011 alone, over 38.2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide was released into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. This means that it traps energy from the sun in our atmosphere. As the levels go up the temperature goes up as well.
If we don't look at things like other animals and continental change humans will still have somewhere between 8000 and 48000 years before the levels of CO2 alone will be high enough to kill us. However not all animals are as good at surviving in such conditions. Plus there are other changes which would happen when the chemical ratio of in the atmosphere changes.
Currently the CO2 levels are increasing by 2 parts per million a year. However if expansion continues as it currently is, that could increase towards 10 ppm in as little as 100 years. This presents a huge problem. Since 2011 the levels have only gone up. Yes some countries have lowered their emissions, but there are others whose emissions have increased by larger amounts.
Try and picture the amount of carbon which is not filtered. Around 10 billion tonnes. That's the equivalent weight of 100'000 of the worlds largest class of aircraft carrier. It's insane. And in total we're releasing four times that amount. To think that there are 400'000 aircraft carriers worth of carbon (in weight) being thrown into the atmosphere a year is astounding. Natural limits exist for reasons. Breaking them by the amount we are is just not right. Increases in temperatures isn't something that can change quickly. Should it get to the point where temperatures are increasing dangerously, it will take at least twice as long to set them back safely.